Together We Get It Done!


She was able to answer mostly all questions, but we did not know the closing date until just about a week before.
Colin H
Donna was very informative during my home buying process. She also made me very comfortable and cured all doubts and fears I had as we progressed. She is very down to earth, and a sweetheart as well, She really makes you feel at home whether on the phone or in person. Donna was very honest about every single detail (cause & effect) and made sure that I fully understood everything before each meeting concluded and each phone call ceased. Working with her was a joy and she has my recommendation.
Morrie W
Donna worked enlessly to get our loan to go through. Everytime we hit a road block she was there to help us through it. She always answered my calls, answered all of my questions, and always communitcated with me letting me know every thing that was going on. She worked after hours to get documents to me. Donna made us feel like a family member with how hard she worked down to right before we signed. I will tell anyone looking for a house to speak with her. Working with Donna was truly wonderful
Tyler C
Donna was very polite and patient when helping us get on track to buying our home. She answered any questions we had (and we asked a lot). At times, during the actual buying process there was a lack of communication on her end that caused a delay with our closing date. We are very glad she helped us get our first home.
Anthony F
Donna was kind and very understanding, she answered all my questions.
Dwayne W
She was very professional and knowledgeable of what was needed to close the deal. She went above and beyond to help me out. I went through several agencies who didn't want to put in the effort to understand my Schedule C forms but Donna was up for the challenge. My family and I are very grateful!!
Larry S
Thank you so much for helping me through the mortgage process! It was a lot of work due to circumstances, and Donna was right there to answer any questions or concerns that I had... and I had a lot!!!
Pamela S
Thorough, professional service for a great customer experience.
Charles B
Thanks Donna for your hard work.
Richard G
Donna was very professional, pleasant, and extremely helpful. She took the time to explain the process. She returned calls and messages in a timely manner. She was just overall great. Very knowledgeable and patient. I will definitely recommend Donna to my family and friends who are looking to move.
Rodney E
Donna is the best, she really made my first home buying experience simple. I can't thank her enough.
Benjamin S
Donna is wONDERFUL to work with! She guided me well before the process began and kept me posted every step of the way. She is very responsive and understood how important This was to me and my sons future. I so appreciate Donna and her patience with me and the ability to be calming when things get nerve racking. She is insightful and knowledgeable and I will go back to her again!
Sarah N
Donna stood with me through the whole process and made things as smooth as possible. Competitive rate as well! I will use her to refi some investment properties now too!
Craig F
Donna was very helpful and informative for me as I am a first time home buyer. The experience was not as stressful as I had thought. Any questions I had she answered right away. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. She "ROCKS"
Jeanne E
Donna kept us informed at every step. What was so great to me was when we went to closing, she had already explained all of the numbers to us and that made it so much easier for us. She did a great job of explaining everything to us. I called Donna after closing to thank her for all that she did, but she was not available. I hope she gets the opportunity to see this evaluation.
Lonnie B